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TL;DR How do I stop notes and dims flipping out when mirroring elevations.

Hi, I'm working on new Standard plans/template for a project builder and one of the problems that I've never fixed is the elevation notes flipping when the house/elevations are mirrored.

Generally I'd design a standard plan, then without fail the first job that comes in from sales is a flipped version of that plan (Garage on the opposite side), so I go about flipping the plan, fixing the notes and saving it as an additional templated version (left hand and right hand versions). Then later come the facade changes (gable, parapet, skillion) then the flipped version of those. I'm wondering if there's an easier way?

The process of flipping the design generally takes an hour or two with elevations, sections, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry needing to be updated.

Note: I have tried both locking elevations and mirroring as well as unlocked mirroring them with the house.

Plans before flip:

Plans after flip:

I don't know any easy way around it.
The problem is when you select the plan - all layers including the 3D model and 2D annotation - you are not selecting the annotation in the sections and elevations.
Not even when you select the section and elevation lines themselves.

You still have to go into each section/elevation, turn off the 3D model layers leaving just the 2D annotation, select that and flip it.

If you ever do find a better way please let me know.

Ok thanks, glad I'm not the only one.

For the second part you can leave 3D on. Select the label tool then shortcut ctrl+a (mac command+a) so it selects all labels and mirror.

You can do the same with dimensions or text tool and can use the marquee tool to select all of one type within the marquee.
Yes, you are actually better off leaving the 3D layers on so you can align the mirrored elements.
It's been a while since I have actually done it.