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By Takis
David hi, I'm sorry but this isn't working the way you are suggesting to solve the problem.
The problem is that we are not allowed to select any drawing to connect the section to, because they are inactive.
There was no response from Graphisoft yet to this problem.

The reason why this is happening is because of the migration of a file. The .pln files that were created in older versions occur the above problem. Even if someone deletes sections / elevations that were merged with a file and create new ones the problem will appear again and again.

Now when this is really happening? Well it happens if you send a merged "healthy" section on a Layout and then delete it. Automatically it looses connection and becomes unusable.

If someone would like to merge an old file to a newer version of Archicad 20 or 21, then he should make a copy of this project first, next delete all sections and elevations. After that create a new Archicad project and merge that file there. After that you may create there new sections and elevations as many as you like, send them to Layout, delete them, recreate them etc, no problem will appear ever again.
This is what I have experienced and how I got over this big and annoying issue.

By lifeinbeats
Having the same problem here with AC20. We have about 15 building sections with markers in plan, and 2 of them say that the "drawing has not been placed yet" even though it is a live (source) section shown in project map that has been placed on a drawing.

The theory that if you make a section, then place it on a layout, then delete it, ultimately causing this problem could be correct. We often due this because of one of the inherent flaws of Archicad:
You create a drawing and set a scale
You put it on the layout and it is too big or or too small
You go back to the drawing and change the scale
Archicad then scales that layout drawing from the origin, and not from the center of the view, causing it to move 200' off screen in a direction that you're unsure of

So the easiest thing to do is to put it on a layout and then delete it if the scale is wrong. Change the scale and then when placed back on the layout it zooms extents conveniently.

Still no luck on the source markers. We ended up placing a new, linked marker over the top of our source markers and linking them to the drawing in question.