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By Ted Taylor
I have been working on a project which for various and sundry reasons had to be broken into two files and then had to be published in two parts which did not correspond to how the files were separated.

Layouts were composed in both files and then required layouts were moved from one file into the other file, sheet indexes created and then published. Layouts associated with their home file retain all marker information. Layouts moved to another file do not. While source markers retained their information of Drawing ID (i.e. C11) and Layout ID (A-2.04), the linked markers did not and display (#DrgID)/(#LayID). The bad behavior is consistent for sections, details, elevations, etc.

I called the local Rep to see if I was missing anything and they suggested I send a query to Tech Support North America. I got a response to update everything in Drawing Manager, which did not do anything. I then sent two files to Tech Support which demonstrated the problem and I have not heard anything in over a week. I am now checking with the Forum to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar and even better, found a solution.

A work around is to publish the layouts from their original files and then manually move the files around to their proper sets, but it requires keeping dummy layouts in one of the files so that indexing works and generally adds another layer of complexity and possibility of things to screw up.
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By TiggerF
I don't think you can link an detail / section / elevation to an external view, which is what I believe is causing the issue.

Only resolution I can think of is keeping all detail / elevation / sections in the same file, but that may defeat the purpose of breaking the file up in the first place.
By Takis
Hi, I have the same problem also. Now I am working with Archicad 21.
I loose section link with Layout and the section is no longer recognized as a section.
I still can open the section, send to other layouts, work on the section but I can't link it with the marker on plan view.
This may happen at any time of the project, no specific situation.
It can be either one or more section that have this same problem.
I am suspecting that this was caused because I opened another file in Archicad 20 to copy-paste something from the Archicad-20 Layout, but I am not sure that this really caused the problem.
Anyway the problem is old and I have this issue as long as I remember since Archicad 17 and keeps going.
I have also talked with our Re-sellers in Greece and they are also working on it.
Kind regards,
Takis Apostolides
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By NCornia
Hi Ted,

Layouts associated with their home file retain all marker information. Layouts moved to another file do not. While source markers retained their information of Drawing ID (i.e. C11) and Layout ID (A-2.04), the linked markers did not and display (#DrgID)/(#LayID). The bad behavior is consistent for sections, details, elevations, etc.

In the case of linked files, the markers are a one-way street. There is no backward communication from the Layout file back to the source file. However, the linked markers will work to reference between layouts in the layout file. For example in the source file, you could have a floorplan view and a section view and the section marker is on the floorplan view. Place the floorplan and section views onto layouts in the Layout file and the Section marker will link to the section view in that layout book.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
By Takis
Linked sections are something else and I am not referring to them.

I am not referring to linked sections.
I am trying to link my source section on plan view with a drawing on a Layout.
The link of the source section with the drawing on Layout cannot be achieved.
This is because something is wrong with the section, something destroys the section and it is not recognized as a section anymore. The marker acts like a section marker but it is not a section.
I can always send the file If someone wants to see the problem.

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By NCornia
Hi Takis,

You mention your re-sellers are investigating it. This is the proper course in this type of matter.

It sounds like the problem is a bit random for you. When we submit these kinds of issues to our developers the most important thing we need is a way to reproduce the problem so that we can understand how it happens. If the problem happens at random, this is when things get much trickier to unravel the cause. So please continue the investigation with your reseller at this point since they will be the most direct path between you and the development team.

Best regards,
Hi again, after today's work I am facing again the same problem with sections-drawing Layout link and I know exactly where the problem is but the fact is that not all of the sections appear to have this specific problem.

The problem occurs when while a section is linked to a drawing in Layout Book, if you select that section drawing in Layout and hit delete on your keyboard, then the section marker automatically looses its connection with the drawing Layout and is impossible to link the section marker again to another drawing in Layout even if you have the same section view already in another Layout because no drawing is available anymore.

In this project, out of seven section markers two of them appear to have this problem.

Please if you could try the following procedure:
1 . Make some sections.
2 . In the Layout Book insert all the sections from views and link them with the drawings in Layouts.
2 .Delete all the sections and on floor plan that the link is gone.
3 . Insert in Layouts all the section views again and check in model plan view if they are all linked again.

I really would like to send you my file.
Just to mention that this file was created in an earlier version of Archicad 21 and it was opened and saved in Archicad 21.

Kind Regards
By Takis
I just made a new project from Archicad 21 original template file.

I have checked a lot of new sections and the problem with loosing its connection with the drawing in Layout did not occur.

I have also inserted the same (bad) section from my file where the problem appears, but again in this newly created project works fine.

So, the question is, what is happening with files which were created in older versions of Archicad and opened in the latest version?

For me it is very difficult to impossible to check.

I would be grateful if you could check this particular file.

I'm having the same problem with my AC21 file. When I set up Sections or Elevations and place them on a Layout, the original Marker on the plan is not recognising that they are there. I can turn on the Back Reference details on the Title marker of the Sections and Elevations on each Layout and it recognises that their Source Markers are coming from the plan view but the plan Marker will not update. In the Marker settings it says under reference "No drawing has been placed yet". This is very frustrating!

Ps. This is only happening with some Elevations and Sections not all and I cannot figure out any consistency that is making it occur.
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By David Maudlin

In the Section Settings > General > with Marker Reference to: choose the selected drawing and you will be able to browse the placed drawings on layouts which should update the reference.

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