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Was the curtain wall amended in any way?
If it was it may affect the nodes that the dimensions were attached to.
If the nodes are changed/moved or deleted then the dimensions will do the same.
Curtain walls are basically objects and I know if you dimension a hotspot in an object then the dimension will disappear if that object is amended and that hotspot gets a new ID number.
The dimensions are associated with the hotspot ID number (that the user can't see) and any change to that ID will result in a change (deletion) of the dimension.

By Nausicaa
Nope, it wasn't changed... Thanks for the clarifying the way dimensions are attached. I'll remember this for the future.

But, the wall was not owned by the person who dimensioned it! We are checking if that might be the issue!
By AdrienneB
Hey, I have a similar dimensions problem/issue. We have some dimensions that were placed when the finishes were being shown. While the settings were set to dimension outer faces (just realized), they were actually dimensioned to the core. Now when we go to turn off the finishes, the dimensions all disappear. Is there a way to remedy this without redoing all of the dimensions?
Every Partial Structure Display setting has it's own dimensions.
So unfortunately when you change the PSD you must re-dimension everything.