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By Vinceno
Just seeing if any else is having this issue in AC19.
When dimensioning walls within a teamwork file (dimensions are associated to the wall). The issue we have is after dimensioning the walls, the next time you or someone in the team accesses the file the dimensions string either disappears or drops off the dimension of the wall thickness. Any thoughts??
Anything to do with the 'Partial Structure Display' settings?
If you dimension to a wall finish and then only display only the cores the dimensions will be hidden.


We have seen similar issue if the dimension contained custom text, but this has been fixed in the latest update.
Do you use custom text in the affected dimension?

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By Vinceno
Hi Istvan,

Thanks for the reply we have installed the latest hotfix and currently the issue seems to have resolved itself.
To your question to whether we used custom text in dimension, no there were not any custom text.
Will keep an eye on this if any further issues arises will let you know.
Somebody just posted here that they were having the same issue.
It was a triple post so I deleted one but they all disappeared.
Maybe I deleted the original while the poster deleted the duplicates? - I don't know - but it is gone now.

I can't remember the content of the post or who posted it so if the poster is reading this I apologise and can you please re-post.

I will learn to move the duplicates rather than just delete them from now on.

Barry. :oops:
Nausicaa wrote:It was me!

Sorry about that.
Glad you posted back.

I don't have an answer for you other than try all the Partial Structure Display options.
Just switching to Entire Model as Vinceno suggested won't work if the dimensions were added in one of the other options.
They only show in the option the dimensions were placed in.

Maybe it is the Renovation Filters.
I don't use them myself but notice that dimensions can also have a Renovation Status.
So if they are set to "To Be Demolished" and your reno filter is set to hide demolished items the dimension will disappear.

By Nausicaa
For this project we don't need renovation filters - so everything is in default renovation status. I've checked the partial structural display, which was my first guess, but no, they were all working in the "Enitre model" display.

We'll set aside dimensioning of those curtain walls for few days, and I'll monitor other dimensions.