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By johnhutcharch
I am having trouble inserting hyperlinks in notes, and having them work in pdf files. I would like to provide a link to specific product information using the label tool (notes), and being able to click on the link in the pdf file created by the publisher. SOMETIMES, the links work when using Acrobat on my computer. MANY times they do not. The links NEVER work when reading the pdf file using any other program other than Acrobat (for instance, Mac "Preview"), or viewing the pdf on ANY mobile device such as an iPhone or an iPad. Is there something I can do to make the links work better?

John Hutchison
ArchiCad 19
Current MacOS and iOS
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By dkovacs
Hello John,

When you save a PDF from ARCHICAD, it will just save the url as plain text. Whether it is turned into a clickable hyperlink is up to the reader software.

I gave it a quick try, and it seems to work just fine for me in Preview (on macOS 10.13) - better actually than in Adobe Reader. For this to work, you should pay attention to:
- not have a line-break inside the URL
- always include "https://" (or http://, whichever applies), because preview actually filled this in, but Reader didn't.

By Tim Ball
I do this a lot and the way the hyperlinks act depends on the reader used.

If you embed the link into a BIMX file, the link can be as long as you like. Its very impressive to tap the info button on an element and follow a live link to the a web site or a Dropbox file. I use it a lot for things like light fittings.

If you want to read the link from Acrobat you can't have a line return because that breaks the link. If you have a very long link, such as linking to a Dropbox file, that is unwieldy. In that case use something like Bitly to shorten the URL