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By mantrajt

I'm trying to create a drawing list for my project but the thing is that if I add a second subset to the index settings nothing appears in the list and not just that...the first subset stops showing so I end with an empty list.

Any idea why this is happening?

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By Richard Morrison
I'll bet if you posted your Index Settings, with the Criteria shown, someone could figure this out very quickly. (See attachment for example.) It would help to add your AC version to your signature.
Index settings.jpg
By mantrajt
#277508 I change the criteria to "is not" and selected de only subset I don't want to be displayed and it worked. But I think there must be another way.
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By Richard Morrison
The issue is likely to be the way you select the Criteria. You can select "Add Criteria" and you should get the option to add "Subset" and then just pick the subset you want to include from the list that pops up under "Value." Repeat for each additional subset you want to add.