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By dsenft
One of the firms I work with has three older licenses that they are not using: v10, v10, and v16. We've consulted with ArchiCAD [Graphisoft] and we can't sell them, but we can transfer ownership to another party for a fee.

If anyone wants to assume these licenses by paying the fees, I'm sure we can work something out. Let me know if you're interested and I will relay the information I have—which you can confirm that with your reseller.

There's a promo on until the 25th of May, which might save some further $$$.

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By Karl Ottenstein
The localization/etc matters. What localized/country licenses are these, and are the three licenses on three separate keyplugs (USB)? Since these are old licenses, have the keyplugs been replaced with Codemeter plugs, or are they the old plastic WIBU keys? Just trying to save you from dealing with the obvious questions...

To interested parties: my understanding is that you will have to contact your local Graphisoft ARCHICAD reseller for details about any transfer/upgrade fees that would apply to you. These may vary from country to country.
By dsenft
These are USA/English language licenses, but the international libraries are free to download. Assuming you are going to upgrade these, Graphisoft will arrange license keys of the type you desire and links to download the software. There is no physical transfer of anything. Please contact your local reseller for pricing information on the transfer and updates. We are in Los Angeles, California.
By dsenft
A little more information:

We are offering to transfer these at $300 under what you would pay for a new seat:

We have 3 older licenses (v10, v10, v16): Those should cost you 2412 each to upgrade, and probably 1650 to transfer. They can be yours for $1300.

We have 1 v19 license: That should cost you 1911 to upgrade, and 1650 to transfer. They can be yours for $1800.

The upgrade price should include 1 year of Archi+, which will entitle you to a complimentary v22 upgrade!

Again, and I can not stress this enough: you must consult your designated reseller to confirm pricing.

There is currently a promotion until May 25th, after which, all prices will revert to "normal."