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By eldhead
I wish the Zone tool could be like:

I draw a space within walls (inner, outer), name it (recidense, office bedroom etc), give a orientation (nort, south), populate with people....
The Zone tool start windows regarding daylight and solarheat, door at the right place, reflected ceiling, furnitures with functional dimensions. Optimizing that space automatically.
Differens between Solibris analysis is that the Zone tool already knows all the data and suggest a layout before I send it to Solibri.
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By LaszloNagy
You should delve deep into Rhino/Grasshopper and the Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Connection.
With the latest update of the GH-AC Connection, which was released not long ago, you can get a geometry from ARCHICAD as a base, get it into Grasshopper through the live bi-directional connection between the two applications, and do all sorts of stuff in Grasshopper, based on that geometry, then based on those, create elements in ARCHICAD.
I dare to say what many of the things you are writing in your post can be achieved this way.