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By kzaremba
I occur quite a surprising thing. We used to model rails from basic elements and with consistent ID we could calculate number, width and sizes of each rail element. We have tested new railing tool but as it turned out the list of parameters is very brief. Does anyone have an idea how to calculate them?
rail param.jpg
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By LaszloNagy
Try to use the parameters in the "General" group (like "Length", etc.) and see if they return the values you are after.
By kzaremba
Yep, it is returning values. At least length. Other params like width, height, etc are a bit more tricky.

To be able to sort all elements I need to do it by surface material. No rail subtypes listing is possible. At least It didn't occur in my test. :/
By kzaremba
I have run some tests.

What I have noticed is:

- Vertical elements have good length.
- Horizontal - on schedule, there is 220 added two times... don't know why. I have tried liting by profile name and surface material.
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By Barry Kelly
kzaremba wrote:- Horizontal - on schedule, there is 220 added two times... don't know why.

I would be guessing it it the end extensions of the rail.

By kzaremba
I thought so too but it seems a bit out of scale. If rail elements have between 300 and 800 cm. The extension doesn't seem to be so large.

I have checked. You are right this is the length of extensions.. almost. If it's 0 they don't appear on the schedule. Otherwise, 200 is added to the length of extention (by default 20) so in my case, it was 220. Still is there any way to get rid of this 200?
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By dkovacs

Actually, you can absolutely list the measurements of sub-elemnts. If you make an Element Schedule, of course you'll only have options to list values about the railing as a whole, but in component schedules you can filter for sub-element types.

I tried listing several types of railing sub-elements this way, and it didn't list the rail-end as a separate element, with that size. Maybe give this a try?


Edit: I also checked the problem that 2 m is getting added to the Rail-end's length. I think it was a bug, and it seems like this has already been fixed in AC22 B4.
By kzaremba
Hi, Thx for the suggestion. We have tried it before as well. But you end up with listing all elements in the selection part of the schedule. It would be better to have category subelements :D.

Problem is that we use END for an extension after last post :D So to have the proper amount of steel elements we have to add them later in excel... :/ Since we schedule 4 types of railings (schedule per type) for 6 buildings (different quantity of elements ). It's a bit additional work...

I briefly went through macro of rails and endings and I could find any reason why this 200 is added. I appreciate any help with this macro modification.