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By yafimski

I import from AC a joined polyline with 13 segments (some of which are curved), but they are 'unified' and imported into GH as one single 2d curve and then I convert it into a native GH 'closed planar curve'.
Once this is done I use this curve to create a wall along it.

The input is one curve, but the result is 13 wall segments. This is despite the fact that the curve I'm using to generate the walls has only one pair or start/end points (via the 'endpoints' component).

Is there a way to create a single wall when multiple curve segments are included? for example if there is a corner in the wall...

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By LaszloNagy
I don't think this is possible and it is an ARCHICAD feature/limitation, because a Wall is always a single straight or curved segment.
By yafimski

I'm not sure I understand your answer.

I will rephrase my issue:

I have 13 polyline segments joined to one polyline. I import the curve to GH from AC.
In GH this curve appears as one curve with only 2 endpoints.

Why does the Archicad wall creation component create 13 wall segments, instead of one?
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By LaszloNagy
Because an ARCHICAD Wall is either:
1. a single straight segment
2. a single curved segment
3. a single trapezoid segment
4. a single polygonal wall

The ARCHICAD Polyline element is an element that can consist of multiple segments. A Wall element is not like that. Try it: when you create a chain of Walls, ARCHICAD creates multiple Wall elements (usually grouped), not a single Wall element.
By yafimski
Thanks, I understand.

So there is no way unfortunately to translate a polygonal curve in AC to a polygonal wall through GH?
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By LaszloNagy
No, unfortunately, there is no way. Every segment will always become a separate Wall.