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By Matthew Lohden
The settings transfer functions (option/alt click to pick up; command-option/control-alt to apply) have always been among my favorite features in ArchiCAD. They have also always had the annoying limitation of being (almost) all or nothing.

A couple of problems with the current implementation:

1. The inability to transfer IDs. (NOT transferring IDs is also a major feature IMHO.) This makes it more difficult, for example, to use IDs as door and window numbers. After transferring the settings the ID then has to be manually changed. Strangely the IDs of section markers do transfer. I can't imagine a situation where this is desirable.

2. My pet peave: The angle settings of library parts do transfer. This makes the feature nearly useless (to me) for library part settings. I have never had all the chairs, sinks, partition keys, etc. at the same angle throughout a project. It is a pain in the neck to have to rotate the object back to its original position after applying new settings.

The second problem could be easily fixed by just not transfering the angle. In the rare situations where it is desired the angle could be typed or pasted into the info palette.

The first is a little more difficult for a quick fix. A global prefs setting is too remote for something that needs to be switched on and off. Perhaps a checkbox next to the ID in the info palette.

In the longer run (and this is the real wish here) it would be nice to be able to adjust the settings transfers in detail.

The simplest way to accomplish this would probably be a non-modal dialog/palette like the SEO, Find & Select or Camera Settings. It should have a quick choice for "All Settings" with easy ways to toggle ID and angle settings on and off.

Now that I think of it, perhaps these functions could be worked into an enhanced Find & Select dialog. (I don't much like the idea of proliferating even more palettes and dialogs like those that plague MicroStation.) Perhaps it would be a tabbed dialog to switch between "Find & Select" and "Apply Settings".

This seems like it may be the ideal solution as it would become the command center for selecting and modifying elements in place. This would not only govern the settings for the individual command-option/control-alt clicking, but would also add the powerful feature of applying new settings to a range of elements chosen in the find and select mode.

The more I think about this the bigger it seems. Not as big or radical as my multiple plan/3D views proposal, but I am already finding myself fantasizing about using it. I am very eager to read what others think about this.
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By Miquel Garcia
You have expressed it much better than I can with my poor english (unfortunately a few people in ArchiCAD talk seems to speak or undestand spanish. The language is a major obstacle to many spanish and south american colleagues that works in AC to add his valuable opinions to this forum. But this is another matter)

Absolutely agree !
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By Dave Jochum
I like the idea of this functionality very much, Matthew. Maybe the Option-Alt/click would pick up the default parameters and Option-Alt/Shift/click could bring up the dialogue box.
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By Matthew Lohden
Shift/option-alt is already used for moving the origin. I already use command-ctrl/F to open the Find & Select dialog (the default is ok too) which is easy enough for me. I figure that the command-ctrl/option-alt/click would apply the settings as it does now unless the dialog is open.
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By Dave Jochum
Matthew Lohden wrote:Shift/option-alt is already used for moving the origin.'s one of those keyboard commands I do so often, I don't even think about what the keys are.