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Everything about GDL - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: I created an object that prints an error message in 3D all the time, please help!)

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By TomWaltz
I know with 8.1 we can now set the section/elevation markers to either display as section or elevation.

It was a great improvement, but now I'm trying to find if there is a way to "slide" the marker along the section line.

By default, it places one "point" on the center of the section line. I'm trying to move it away from that point. It seems to be hardwired into the section command, since the marker objects only seem to draw themselves, not generate the section line.

Should I be filling out a wish-list item for this?
TomWaltz wrote:It was a great improvement, but now I'm trying to find if there is a way to "slide" the marker along the section line.

Should I be filling out a wish-list item for this?

You should.

However, playing around with the length of the elevation (or section) line you can "place" the marker. What you really want is not to have it in the middle, right?
This could be accompished if the new interactive hotspots worked in section symbols. Presumably this is coming. The feature is probably too new to have made it into all places yet.
I believe in the elevation marker parameter's there is an item for the marker offset. Not sure what the units are but you can type in a value and offset the marker from the middle without having to lengthen the section marker. Not as intuitive as just grabbing the marker and sliding it along the line, but at least a way to adjust it's location.
The marker offset you refer to is a parameter in one (or more) of the library parts and not a standard feature of all section markers.

It is certainly possible to set up parameters for all sorts of adjusments, but this means the user has to measure values and then type them into the modal settings dialog. Much more of a pain than just dragging something to where you want it.

I have used this approach for some features in my custom section markers, but it is definitely a workaround.
Plus, the lenght of the section line matches the lenght of the section. Sometimes I would like to show a lenght graphically in plan, but with a different lenght (more or less) in the section drawing.

Now we have some parameters to alter the behaviour of the section line (vertical and horizontal limits, distant elements, etc) Why don't add an extent parameter that you can drag in plan?
HA! the forum is amazing! I just started tackling this section marker problem a few hours ago as my first real foray into the world of editing GDL.

In trying to bring our office standard interior elevation marker in as an AC Section Marker element (to take advantage of auto-numbering), I've managed to draw our standard tag, and have the autotext elements work properly. I too have the problem of locating the tag properly along the section marker.

Ideally, as Matthew suggested, there would be interactive hotspots that would allow one to slide the marker along the section. I would also like to be able to have a hotspot at the sheet number tag to move it to a convenient location in a crowded plan.

I've attached a screenshot to show what I'm working on - if any of you have some ideas on how to make this work, I'd be grateful.
i get some unpredictable results in using the ncs exterior elevation symbol when s/e is jogged. the single centered symbol moves 10' into the floor plan.
ex el.jpg
attached is view before checking elevation option.
sec ex el.jpg

The simple (and only) fix for now is to add a parameter for an offset for the single marker. The user will have to measure the distance from the start of the section to the desired location of the marker and enter the value into the parameters dialog.

The four-way symbol can only be achieved with four individual ones put together. This means that three of them will need the sheet number turned off (another parameter to add) and you may end up needing an additional offset value since the actual cuts may not be where the symbols fit together.

I hope this makes sense.