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By Burginger
I have a folder at:

It contains a zip file and the original files as exported from a wonderful 3D program called TekCAD.

Can anyone import the dxf file directly into ArchiCAD? And if you can please tell how.


The challenge is on!

Image attached is the model as it imports easily into C4D using the VRML format.

A look at the model. Thanks to Dave Anderson of TekCAD.
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By Burginger
Thank you Scott, but it is all just lines in 3D space. Cannot be rendered, right? TekCAD still needs work in order to properly enter the embrace of the ArchiCAD world.

I have received this information from TekCAD:

Quote:" Actually - technically - all you're developing in tekcad is a wireframe. The vrml format adds depth because it assumes a ball-and-stick rederning. I've written proprietary code to do real aluminum and steel framework production from the wireframes under contract."

There's a dxf solid output, which I didn't send you, because of the size.
Scotts GDL Object
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By Ferenc
something like this?

I created conceptual examples for spaceframes, and for the sketchup import- standalone edges converted into 3d struts.

So: import the dxf as editable gdl object, than a little manipulation of the GDL code in Excel.
there are five little anomalies- struts sticking in the opposite direction -disregard those