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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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Okay fellas,

Thanks for replying to my last post re: non-vertical walls- one last question on that- can you install louvres/windows in the canted wall??? I have tried but to no avail- they sit outside it.

Now I am after a wall that goes from say 2 metres high at one end to 5 metres high at the other with the top of the wall on a diagonal. How do I do this? Is it possible to do in ArchCAD 8/9??

Thanks fellas.

Aussie John wrote:you have a target element ( the wall) and an operator element ( a roof)
you can then subtract the operator from the target- hide or delete the operator and there is your sloping wall

If you delete the operator you lose your operation don't you? The good thing about using SEO (over trimming to a roof, say) is that if you move your operator, the hole / cut moves too. Just keep that operator on a layer which is not visible. If you want you can "trim to roof" then delete the roof, but if you want to change it later you have to create your roof again, undo roof trim from wall, and re-trim to new roof.

Nuggy wrote:Yeah if I delete the operater (roof) the wall just goes back to normal...I just used trim to should be alright now.



ooops means to say just hide the wall- got carried away