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By Laurence
I have been asked to design a new War Memorial for the National Servicemens Association (Australia).

Part of the idea I have will incorporate the rifle with bayonet attached stuck into the ground with the helmut on top to represent the fallen soldier.

I am after a Lee Enfield 303 rifle. Now this is an interesting one to see what the Architalkers come up with. I have done a fair bit of web searching - plenty of photos but no 3D models, or even 2D drawings.

Also, an Army, Navy & Air Force Cap, along with a Nurses head dress would top if off if you know where I can find them as well!!!

Oh, and by the way, are there any sand bags out there?[/b]
By Charlee
Laurence, do you mind if I had a shot (no pun intended) at this? I am using 8.1-S and that may be a problem.
If it's OK email photos to
I would be more than happy to try. (Just don't expect too much)