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By Jemima
I'm just finishing off my third year uni work and when opening my project a warning message comes up saying "Input file is incorrect or memory full, not enough room in heap zone" What can I do to fix it. Please Help. :(
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By Aussie John
sounds like your disk is full (or insufficient memory). can you copy to another computer/drive.
I feel for you as these problems always occur when you least need it.
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By Gerald Hoffman
It could also be a corrupted file. Try opening the .BPN file with the same name to see if you get the same problem. Hopefully you have your preferences set to save a backup as this has saved my bacon a couple of times with corrupted files.

By Jemima
Thanks for your help went to see the tech guy in uni and he tried everything no luck though. I had some backed up had to do extra work to it though thanks again for your help. :D