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By Rip Weaver
Sorry to be revisiting this post, but I recently upgraded to a G-5, Mac OSX 10.3.8, Archicad 9 (2018) and am having the same keyboard shortcut problems many have had (holding shift key does not allow multiple selection, command key no longer functions as trim too, shift key no longer constrains lines, etc.). I have found out the porblem goes away when you reboot, but returns if you hide Archicad, work in another program and switch back to Archicad (not quiting or closing Archicad, in some case not hiding it at all).

I read past posts, but never saw a real solution. Can anyone help?

I am using a modified US porfile that was same as previous machine.


Rip Weaver, ASLA
Town Lnadscape Architect
Town of Mt Laurel
Mac OSX 10.3.8
G-5/1.8 Ghz/1 meg ram[/list]
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By s2art
I've seen someone mention CAPS LOCK before in similar situation. Does this do it? (and, just quietly, check your signature...)

By Mark Witherspoon
Also check your default work/preferences and set it for your type of environment (standard 9 US, etc...)
By Rip Weaver
More info-

When I have another program open (like Entourage, PlotMaker, anything) it happens. The program is open, hidden, not hidden-- no diff-- Archicad's keyboard shortcuts do not work. When all program(s) is/are closed, it does not happen, and the shortcuts work fine.

Settings are fine. Archicad Tech support-- HELP!

Rip Weaver
G-5/1.8 ghz/1 meg ram/Mac OSX 10.3.8
Archicad 9 latest build
By Rip Weaver
More info---

seems this problem only occurs when a Microsoft app is open (Entourage, Excel, Word). I have not been able to duplicate the problem with other programs open.

Any ideas?

Rip Weaver
G-5/Mac OSX 10.3.8/1 gig ram
Archicad 9 latest build
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By Millard Brooking
Rip Weaver wrote:Am I the only one with this problem?????

Rip Weaver

I think so. I regularly keep entourage, excel, safari and ichat open throughout the day, and have not had any problems with my keyboard shortcuts.

We used to use quickeys before AC9 and having it open will interfere with archicad's shortcuts. No need for quickeys anymore. Thanks GS!
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By gkmethy

What happens if ArchiCAD is started later than Entourage? We suspect that maybe MS applications 'steal' our shortcuts, but it might be prevented if ArchiCAD is started later than the MS apps.
By Rip Weaver

It happens regardless of when the MS ap is opened. I agree that it is "stealing" the shortcuts-- has anyone else recognised this problem?