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By lagodue
As noted elsewhere, the library column lacks discrete base/column/capital parameters and any change to the default library object loses proper proportion when column height is changed.

In an attempt to create a custom column with base and capital, the profiler seems to be the way to go, and it works. However, the resultant object always ends up with the top of the column capital at the project origin, ie. the top of the 8' column appears at 0 elevation. OK, no problem to change the z value when placing, but why this discrepancy?

Also, in 3D when the column is selected, the "bounding box" shows a space ABOVE the column at the appropriate 8' height - the actual column does not get the bounding box. Sounds like these issues are related.
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By Julia
Check that the parameter 'angular offset' is 0 and not 180.
By Peter Devlin
Julia is right. It has to do with angular offset which should be zero.
But if you change it to zero the object will turn itself upside down.
You might have to remake the object with the axis line drawn
180° from the way it was drawn initially. Profiler has it's own rules
about how it interprets right and left and up and down.
I'm still trying to figure out what those rules are.
Peter Devlin
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By Dwight
You might try thinking in terms of using the clockwise positive quadrant. There is something important about the direction of the path, that the profile section is to the upper right of the path and the path is drawn to move first to the right.

Or something like that..... there is a handedness to this that relates to the geometric quadrant.
By lagodue
OK, this is what I got -
With column elevation drawn and rotation axis drawn from bottom to top, angular offset (whatever that is) comes in at 180 degrees - reset to 0 as suggested. However, with rotation axis line drawn from top to bottom, angular offset comes in at 0.
Sounds like the "top down" approach is the rule.