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By Rick Thompson
But fixable...

Doing an archive install I had to reinstall the willybo key driver.

Opening a file had all text as some typewriter font. The system did not keep the font I was using (Mr.Hand) so I had to reinstall that... and reopen AC.
By Peter Devlin
Thanks for the information.
Kind of you to think of the rest of us
who will be upgrading our OS.
Peter Devlin
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By Dwight
Have rare issues with Tiger - Microsoft Word - must turn off Quartz smoothing - makes everything bold.

Also: Benefit -- new Universal Access panel allows scaling Cursor up for old guys with big displays occasionally losing cursor in splendid panorama of light and color - particularly good with Photoshoppe.
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By ejrolon
Everything working OK here,except for the scroll wheel on my MX Laser mouse. In Panther the system ignored the scroll wheel's ability to move from side to side and now it is too sensitive. So when I am panning by pressing the scroll wheel now I get an instant zoom and selection of whatever is below the pointer.
Any ideas?
By genebail
Everything ok here except I was able to zoom with 2 finger scrolling on my touchpad previously. Now it's gone. I miss it!

PWB g4 1.67
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By Rick Thompson
For the mouse issues I reinstalled my Kensington driver and it corrected my problems. What was surprising was that the driver was in a >sit file that would not unstuff instill I downloaded Stuffit expanded. For some reason they didn't include it.
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By ~/archiben
no issues here . . . except for virex to keep me warm at night.

i use a kensington mouse and had no trouble. but i don't actually use the kensington supplied drivers.

By Donald Mac Donald
whats happening with me is archicad is inssting on creating these file copies even though i have not checked that data safety box. the file titles are all like this: Orig_1371305052. a dialog box will come up saying the program tried to delete the file but couldn't. do i want to try again. it says the original file was saved fine.

anyone know what that means? its annoying.

donald mac donald
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By Dwight
I get that on occasion.

"Hey, boss. I goofed. Want me to try again?"
By Donald Mac Donald
what i forgot to add was it never can delete the file. the program is regulary asking to delete this file which it never can delete and insists on creating.
thats the annoying part of it.
donald mac donald