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I am using a north arrow

! Document name: North Arrow
! Name : North Arrow.GSM
! Date : Saturday, April 28, 2001
! Version : 6.50
! Written by ArchiCAD

I do not actually remember how I received it, but the Object is not the problem.

In the attached screen shot I have an angled dimension in which I have rotated the text portion 270°. This is in AC and a saved view.

The View is linked in PM (as seen in the next message with attachment) and the text is "flipped" to 90°. Thos may be due tho the Instablility of the text at 270°, because back in AC if the 270° rotated text is moved (drag)ever so slightly it also reverts to 90°.
North Arrow in AC.JPG
PlotMaker view
North Arrow in PM.JPG
The only "fix" that seems to work is to use the 2nd radial button in the Angle Dimesions Settings> Number Orientation: This is the Radial representation. Because this does not involve any additional rotation of the text on my part, the orientation "sticks".
North Arrow in AC fix.JPG
If the 3rd radial button in the Angle Dimensions Settings> Number Orientation: is used I need to again rotated the text an additional 180° to get the Orientation that I desire. And This con not be done.
North Arrow in AC No fix.JPG