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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By Dwight
How detailed does it need to be?

You could always model a elevating slab array and yank them into place....... the 3D profiler would make a handrail, nore-or-less.......
By arnold128
Thanks for responding. I'm not quite sure how to do what you just suggested. Could you walk me through it? The height of the stairs needs to be +12'-6" from project zero, width of the stair 4', rise" 6" run 12".
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By Dwight
three phases:

The layout:
- work out the plan array of the stairs - use lines arrayed from the centroid of an ellipse - this is plain drafting.

The vertical displacement:
- make a tread from a slab to your thickness and multiply the slab with vertical displacement equal to your needs - make a straight run - spin them around the center of the ellipse in a circle....whatever.

Put them together:
-- drag the stepped slabs into the array one at a time, and resize them.
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By Djordje
arnold128 wrote:Help plesae! I need to make an elliptical stair with two landings, but can't get stairmaker to let me do what I want. Any suggestions?

Do the flights as one stair each, landing as a slab, group.

Or, when finished, save as a lib part. That is, if you expect no changes (ha!).

Also, try ArchiStair ...