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By dbrandt6
I have a 8 inch thick, 6 foot long, verticle brick wall that is 5 foot high on the left and 3 foot high on the right. Instead of a straight line from left to right, I want an inverted arch to give a nice sweeping look to the wall. A wrought-iron gate (3 feet wide) will be between the the exact mirrored wall on the opposite side of the gate to make a total length structure of approx. 15.

The question... how do I make the inverted arch (radius?) in the verticle wall. Thank you for your help.... Doug
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By Dwight
Round Wall Hole - Window Opening. When placing the window opening into the wall you might get a warning about it extending beyond the wall. That is what you want.....
By dbrandt6
Dwight.... thanks for the reply. I did that to get the desired look... but how do I then get rid of the window? I changed the window material to brick (as my wall is), but how do I get rid of the window frame that extends above the vertical wall?
By dbrandt6
"Round window opening"... Emphasis on the word "Opening"! But, it gives me a square opening, not round even though I am using the "W Round Fixed" in Specialitie Windows.

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By Dwight
I apoplogise. I am an idiot.

In my library I tweaked the code and forgot.

Graphisoft made a square WALLHOLE and plugged it....

In your case, I would change my advice:

Try a Solid Element Operation with a swooping roof or a big cylinder.