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By rm
Has anyone else experienced the need to refresh or rebuild a PM layout sheet everytime you move, stretch, adjust any file in PM. This is soooooo annoying and time consuming.

I'm using PM 3.0 but this has occurred as far back as version 2.1. It seems like PM has just terrible memory management. You should not have to refresh the screen after any stretching, drag a copy, mirror a copy......etc.

GS, please look at this.....Thanks.
By Rick Drummond
It IS a PM 9 issue as well. I have the same Cmd-Shift-R between each action. If it is not a general bug then it is an occasional ailment affecting some of us. Annoying but not the end of the world.

Rick Drummond
AC/PM 9.0.0 v1 (AUS 2018)
G5 2x2.5GHz; 8GB RAM; 2x250GB drives
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By Rakela Raul
in version 9 make sure you have the "auto redraw" un-checked under options/miscellaneous
By rm
Ben Odonnell wrote:rm,
It says in your sig that you are using ArchiCAD 9. But you are still in PM 3.0, is this the case? If so I suggest that you switch over to PM 9 asap.


Ben, quite observant. I was wrong in stating I'm using PM 3.0, I'm actually using PM 9 build 2018, the latest version I believe.

Rakela, I have unchecked the auto rebuild as you suggested. I will keep my eye on this, and update the thread.

Thank you.