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By Thomas Holm
A week ago or so, I found this new little gem (I can't for my life remember where - please bear with me if I've stolen this tip):

It's a little program that does just one thing (MacOSX only):
When you, like me, because of bad eyesight, common confusion or just plain stupidity can't find the cursor on your luxuriously large high-resolution display, you press a key and THERE IT IS!
I've begged for this one, countless times:

I recommend you test Mouse Locator 1.0:
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By Aussie John
Not that I have a large screen but I just jiggle mouse furiously. Eyes pick up movement more easily that a little black rrow
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By Thomas Holm
To Dwight: Nó, I don't bother. A green circle, while ugly suits me fine - I won't ever confuse it with something I did myself ;-)

To John - You should try this thing. it's better than juggling - i've done that too!

And the arrow is one thing - but when it's a tiny hairline cross, or the slimmest text cursor (like it sometimes defaults to in Graphic Converter), that's another cup of tea!
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By Millard Brooking
Thomas Holm wrote:A week ago or so, I found this new little gem (I can't for my life remember where - please bear with me if I've stolen this tip):

Thanks for the tip Thomas; really helped out a member of our office with vision difficulty.
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By Thomas Holm
John, I've been in contact with the developer. It seems the cursor locator is accomplished completely through "legal" methods, developed according to Apple's guidelines. It's also been tested to work with Tiger.

I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, through at least two system updates, and I can assure you that it's nothing like the hacks (or "haxies") of Unsanity, Inc, or the like. I've had no trouble whatsoever.

I like it so much just because it solved a long felt problem of mine.

Nearly 6 years later, thanks for recommending Mouse Locator and your other (old) post on changing mouse cursor size in the Universal Access preference panel.

I just upgraded to a 27" Cinema display, leaving one of my 19" on one side for yet more space, and have been constantly losing track of where my mouse cursor was. Partly older eyesight no doubt, partly the tiny size of the unadjusted mouse cursor on the higher dot pitch of the 27" display. (Things look way smaller than on the discontinued 24" Cinema LED display, which had the same pitch as my 19" 1280 x 1024 displays.)

Both of your tips are a huge help / solution.