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By Don DiRocco
Hi All,

I am curious to hear if other users have problems with the lightworks Sky and Sun lamp objects - I do very frequently. I have noticed a few posts regarding this problem, but the lack of complaints & the feedback I have received from MAC users leads me to believe that this may be a windows (XP) problem.


1) Changing positions around a building can drastically alter the characteristics of the sun/sky lamps (both light intensity and shadow casting), even when the sun/sky position indicators appear to be correct in plan view. I noticed another user's post regarding this problem, and I solve it the same way he does - I drag the sun/sky around my project as I change views.

2) Light intensity Changing - this is the most frustrating problem. Often I will have a project suddenly become super-saturated, or over-exposed without making changes to the rendering or sky/sun lamp settings. From what I can tell, the lightworks sun will suddenly start emitting too much light, even if the intensity is adjusted way down. Interestingly enough, deleting the lightworks sun & placing a new one, or deleting and copying a sun from an earlier version of the project doesn't solve the problem. Note that I am not using the built-in archicad sun (though being forced to go back to it.....)

Interested in hearing from other users about this.

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By Dwight
I would be happy to look at your file, but usually this problem is a result of more than one sun object in the project. I occasionally click twice, and ---- voom -- two suns.
Hi Dwight,

Already checked for two suns - even deleted the sun/sky, and placed new ones, then deleted those & copy-pasted in sun/sky from an older saved version of the project with the same results. It looks like something in the file has caused the sun object to oversatuarate the scene with ambient light.

I was hoping to see if other users (particularly windows users) also experienced problems with the sun/sky objects.

By 1505Gough
I am having the same problem. Did either of you ever figure out what was the cause? (I am refering to the sun oversaturating issue, e.g. if I render once - it's fine, if I imediately render the same scene again, it gets a light wasshed out, then more and more...)
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By Dwight
It worked okay for me when it got here.

Nice project, too.

I suggest replacing the sunskyobjects.

And be really sure that there isn't a marquee/multiple sun object thing going on.
By tigr
Same here.
When I started to rebuild 3D window before every crucial rendering it happens occasionally.